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Despite optimistic prognoses for an upturn in the economy many companies are still suffering. Reasons for this might be:


A vague marketing strategy, a slump in incoming orders, key data for controlling not available, a lack of cost transparency, fixed costs too high, problems with logistics, a loose organisation structure, management problems.


Analysing these problems, developing strategies and concepts, implementing solutions are not only a question of ability, but also one of time.


The leeway for course corrections in one’s own company is generally regarded as very small:


Ø      failures, entrenched company structures, lapses or the wrong focus in management can more and more often only be eliminated by radical and immediately effective measures;


Ø      Managerial staff, able to initiate such changes, are usually not available in the company and there is normally not sufficient time to find in an extensive selection process a potentially suitable candidate.


In cases where an immediate intervention and decisive action is required, the solution must come from the outside: an interim manager is engaged!






Mechanical engineering, plant engineering and construction

Automobile industry, aircraft industry

Process engineering

Chemical industry

Conventional power industry, nuclear power industry

Textile industry

Paper industry

Trading houses for consumer and heavy and light industry goods

Service sector (consultants, facility management, pharmacies, health care centres)

Education organisations







Ø      International experience: Switzerland, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman


Ø       Emergency manager of a manufacturer of aluminium windows

Family owned concern


         Ø       Short-term assistance in the transfer of a company

                   Interim manager has seat on board of directors


          Ø       Short-term acceptance of the technical management

                    Manufacturer of building equipment



On request we would be pleased to supply you with a reference list of projects and companies according to branch.