Quality – Environment – Work Safety



Our service



We assist companies in the selection, introduction and continuous development of tailor-made, process orientated management systems:



Ø        Quality management


  ISO 9001, QS 9000, VDA 6, ISO/TS 16949, KTA 1401



Ø        Environmental management


 ISO 14001, EMAS (EG environment audit)



Ø        Work safety management

                    SCC, OHSAS 18001



Ø        Integrated management systems


                    Based on the existing quality, environmental and work safety management systems we create                     a management system that meets all requirements of the standards, at the same time taking                     the special interests of the company into consideration.


                    Advantages for the company: clear, easily understandable, condensed and user friendly                     documentation, the company will be certified in one only combined audit according to all the                     standards.



Ø        Support of operations within the company


  We support companies in their daily operations to promote, implement and apply:


-        process orientated quality assurance

-        external QMB

-        process orientated environment protection

-        implementation of the requirements of the WHG,

taking on the responsibilities of the managing director

-        total quality management

-        work safety concepts

-        external safety officer

-        risk evaluation

-        know-how management

-        schooling and training


The methods we use:


Ø         project management


Ø         benchmarking


Ø         internal audits


Ø         total quality management





Mechanical engineering, plant engineering and construction

Automobile industry, aircraft industry

Process engineering

Chemical industry

Conventional power industry, nuclear power industry

Textile industry

Paper industry

Trading houses for consumer and heavy and light industry goods

Service sector (consultants, facility management, pharmacies, health care centres)

Education organisations






Ø     International experience: Switzerland, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary,    Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman


Ø      Comparison of the fuel rod fabrication for nuclear power plants Germany/Swe-den/France (for   large German utility company)


         Ø       Integrated management system quality – environment – work safety

                   Chemical company (subsidiary of BAYER AG)


Ø       In-house schoolings of quality techniques/methods for advance quality planning according to QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 with practical samples (for a French supplier to the international automobile industry)



On request we would be pleased to supply you with a reference list of projects and companies according to branch.