We see our clients as important partners whom we wish to support by assisting in their commercial development processes and promoting their economic success.


However, more than just this, we endeavour to promote ability to work in a team, caring for others and authenticity.



Our guidelines


We work out and assist in all the client’s processes both with concepts and operations. We are not interested in providing fast solutions that just as fast become ineffective. We want the long-term economic success for our client. To achieve this we bundle our professional capabilities and introduce these as a partner into the business process. Integrity and loyalty are the outstanding features of our relations with clients, staff, suppliers and the public.


We wish to contribute with our services to


*                  Optimising the business processes

*                  Lowering costs

*                  Motivating staff

*                  Promoting constructive communications

*                  Probing well-worn organisation structures and assessing

                     them objectively for effectiveness

*                  Bypassing capacity bottlenecks, for instance by involvement

                     of short-term outside management



In all our contracts it is not technology that stands to the forefront, but the benefit our client can expect. To achieve this we show transparently through clear reporting the continuous advances using our services.


The common aim is a long-lasting, reliable partnership with mutual advantages.




Our quality targets


We set ourselves the target, not only to fulfil our client’s agreements and expectations, but to surpass them. Only in this way can we ensure our long-term growth and economic success.


With this as a basis our management has established the following quality targets:


*                  Always do more than the client requires or expects

*                  strictly observe legal requirements, guidelines, standards,

                     acknowledged technical rules, work safety  and environment

*                  always use predetermined quality ensuring measures

*                  continuously improve business processes, work flows and

                     instructions using relevant previous experience

*                  allow content, well trained staff to work independently and

                     let them share in the success.

*                  Check client satisfaction  regularly and systematically



We achieve our quality targets:


*                  Mastery of processes

*                  Fault free work flows

*                  Reliable client-supplier partnerships



This is the basis for the fulfilment of all our clients’ requirements and expectations.


Using the quality targets as a basis the management of our business units determines annually quantifiable aims for every consultant in his area of responsibility.


Management lays special value on all staff demonstrating and discussing without any formalism acknowledged improvements. Management is required to implement without delay the demonstrated improvements.




Our quality policy


Our living quality management system contains processes and work flows that are required to meet exactly the standard of service agreed with our clients and the service quality expected of us by them.


Our management is required


*                  to induce all our consultants to produce only the highest quality

                     of work

*                  to ensure that all our consultants have the necessary knowledge

                     and ability to carry out their tasks.

*                  to impart to our consultants any knowledge or ability missing.

*                  to ensure that management itself and all our consultants

                     continuously keep abreast of the latest developments.



We demand of all of our consultants


*                  to carry out the assigned tasks with great diligence and to the

                     best of their ability, i.e. to be quality conscious in their work

*                  to inform management of any deficit in their knowledge or

                     ability which would have an effect on the quality of their work.



The demand for top performances with the highest quality in all results to fulfil the clients’ requirements and expectations applies to all stages in the increase of value:



*                  Planning of our service offer and introduction into the market

*                  Acquisition

*                  Framing contracts

*                  Service

*                  Execution of orders and all internal services