About us



SCHEGK-CONSULT Interims-Management was founded by Dr. Joachim Schegk on 1st July 1994 with the mission not only to fulfil the expectations of our clients, but to surpass them and to set new yardsticks .


Entrepreneurship today means more than ever to use existing resources efficiently. Permanent competitiveness requires an internal and external consistent orientation to the customer. Everybody in the company must embrace this aim to increase the market share through a process of continuous improvement.


Long term relationships sustained by mutual trust and demonstrable success characterise the rapport with our clients. To ensure this we share fully the responsibility in implementing our jointly developed concepts.


Our experienced team of experts supports and assists our clients with a tailor made strategy for each company to reach the set targets and beyond.


Analytic competence and well-crafted practical methods enable the quick finding of solutions. Our experience in line functions assures a vigorous involvement in the realisation of recommended solutions to problems.













Our consultants, main fields of expertise and experience


Joachim R. R. Schegk                       Main fields of expertise

Dr.-Ing.                                             -        Interim company management

                                                                  Recapitalisation of companies /

                                                                  generational transitions

                                                        -        International project management

-        Quality, environmental management,

         Work safety

(ISO 9001, QS 9000, VDA 6, ISO/TS

         16949, KTA 1401, ISO 14001, EMAS, WHG, SCC, OHSAS 18001)



                                                        -        Management

                                                                  Nuclear engineering,

Chemical industry, mechanical engineering


Herbert Schönherr                                 Main fields of expertise

Prof. Dr.-Ing.                                     -        Production technology

QM auditor                                                  Machining technology

                                                        -        Automation technology

                                                        -        Organising of manufacturing

                                                                      -        Quality, environmental management

                                                                 (ISO 9001, QS 9000, VDA 6, ISO/TS

        16949, ISO 14001, EMAS, SCC, OHSAS 18001)



                                                        -        Manufacturing manager

                                                                 Automobile, aircraft industry


Hans Georg Köhler                            Main fields of expertise

Accountant                                         -       Restructuring

Dipl.-Kfm. Dr. rer. oec.                        -       Mergers & acquisitions

                                                        -        Balance sheet analysis / auditing

-       Implementation of financing concepts



-       Head of concern taxation

        department Steel industry

                                                        -       Member of board holding

                                                                companies Business concern

                                                        -       Member of supervisory board

                                                                Insurances, banks, construction



Bernd Richter                                  Main fields of expertise

Prof. Dr. jur.                                      -       Trade, company, antitrust,

                                                                 law Recapitalisations,


-        Company restructuring



                                                        -        In-house counsel and head of HR Automobile industry

                                                        -        Head of division legal and project departments

                                                                 Business group


Sabine Schafbauer                          Main fields of expertise

                                                        -        Logistics

                                                        -        Strategic management

-        Reorganisation of product and

         process structures

-        Seminars on leadership, stress

         and self management

-        Quality, environmental management,

         Work safety

         (ISO 9001, QS 9000, VDA 6, ISO/TS

         16949, ISO 14001, EMAS, SCC, OHSAS 18001)



                                                        -        Management of publishing house with

                                                                 mail order business

-       Management of logistics company









                                               Since1998      Qualified partner

                                                                  TÜV Management Service GmbH,




                                               Since 2000     Working party group quality management

                                                                  Chamber of Industry and Commerce,